In the past five years, I have been attracted to photography and it is now one of my passions. I find myself wanting to escape to take photos of my surroundings and to travel to new places to take photos. I live in Utah, near the Wasatch Mountains and they are and always have been my compass. I love the Grand Tetons in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and all the mountains of Yellowstone. Colorado has become a huge attraction to me; the Rockies cast a spell over me and I long to see the mountains and towns on my vacations. I long to explore new areas of Utah that I have not seen in years or before.

I find myself seeing the world in a new light through my camera lens; as if discovering the world for the first time.

I use Flickr for most of my photo storage. These photos are random from my photos but if you'd like to visit my page, there are sets to choose from. The link to my page is HERE
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Here is a new Flickr Account for my family photos.
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Here are my phone photos. Nothing specatcular, but all in fun.
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