I'm Sorry

I apologize for every rotten thing I said about my sister Kathy on this blog.  We went through some rough patches mostly in part to her so-called-husband Ellis.  He ruined her life, however, he came into her life for a reason, the sweetest little girl anyone would want to know.

Kathy died on Thanksgiving, 2009, unexpectedly and since then, my heart has ached and I've longed to talk to her, to hug her, to hold her, to laugh with her, just one more time.  I want my sister back.  I know she's always with me in my heart and all around me but it's not the same as having her in the flesh.

I miss you, Kathy and I'll carry you in my heart and always love you.  I hope I can do justice to your memory in raising your daughter, Elyssa.  As you know, she talks about you all the time, in her little way and that you're always by her side.  Being near her and being able to snuggle with her makes me feel so much closer to you and I want you to know that I treasure her.

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On The Move Again...

I've moved my blog again to Passions of My Heart.

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I've moved!!!!!!!!!! Here's my new URL: http://www.ailurophile.com/karen/ Please update your Blogrolls and bookmarks!

A HUGE thanks to Christine for all her hard work in moving my site and hosting me!!!

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Things went well at my doc appt. Details on my Health Log.

I'm off to study for my Org Beh mid term test! Hope everyone has a great night!

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I finished formatting, printing, and putting the workshop materials together by 9:15! YAY! I just handed them off to Debi so she can take them to Kinko's. We both are sighing with relief that its done and before 11:00.

I'm taking a short break before starting the couple of other things I need to do before I go today. I busted my ass all morning, so I deserve it, right?! I've had one hell of a time with my hip today, its been bad. I'm OK as long as I either sit still or stand still. It hurts like hell to stand up after I've been sitting a while. After I start walking, the pain lessens. The doc will be able to see my flares today, so he can determine how to deal with me. tee hee Isn't he lucky - to have to deal with me?!

I best get back to work... hope everyone has a great HUMPDAY!!

Posted on Wednesday, September 10, 2003 at 9:53AM by Registered CommenterKaren | CommentsPost a Comment
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