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Saturday Morning Ramblings

Well, officially it is Saturday morning but I still haven't seen the insides of my eyelids yet from last night.  It seems to be that I'm going through my insomnia patch, which hits every so often.  I'm very tired, take klonopin to help me sleep and ease my restless legs but I can't seem to get comfortable enough and then not sleeping makes my joints and muscles hurt worse so I wake up when my body moves naturally.  It is a vicious cycle... Hopefully I'm seeing the tail end of it since it usually lasts a week or so.  So, fingers crossed i will get some sleep today and tonight.  

I just realized I missed most of last week. I don't recall where all the time goes, but honestly, I've been in a bit of a funk, which goes along with the insomnia.  I can blame almost everything on the insomnia. Yep, sounds good to me.

I will have the house to myself for the better part of the day and evening while my sister Susie takes my mom and Elyssa (the Doodlebug) up north to Idaho Falls for my cousins wedding.  I feel bad that I'm unable to travel that far; I would be miserable in the heat and in pain, and it's too difficult to drag all my oxygen tanks, etc. it's just easier for me to stay home and let Mom, Susie, and E have an outing together. I actually will love some time to myself for a change!  However, I won't be totally alone since my lovely sister-in-laws will come visit and check on me.  One will bring me dinner, which is very kind.  I've tried to tell them I'll be fine but they want to do something for me but I've learned not to argue ;-) I never win.  I hate to have a fuss made but they would feel bad if I didn't accept.  I'm so blessed to have such a caring and loving family.  

That is about it... Other than the insomnia, the icky heat, the usual chronic pain, etc., and being stuck on Candy Crush Level 245 (I've tried well over 100 times, no exaggerating!!!), life is good.  I have a lot to smile about.  Especially this little special girl who went to a Special Needs Kids Rodeo this past week and had the time of her life.  She is so amazing and has proven most of her initial doctors and therapists wrong by never giving up and believing in herself.  She radiates and emanates love and laughter and she never ceases to amaze me.  We miss her momma so much (my sister, Kathy) but we still have her very special gift with us.  Proof positive that love never lives on through our memories, in our hearts, and through one another.  
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