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If Money Was No Object

My dear friend Emma wrote a post on her blog, here, about what she would do after she completes her degree if money were no object and she challenged others to do the same.  Of course, if money were no object, I would also have to have the idea that health would not be an object as well.

My dream would be to travel the world and photograph all the beauty and incredible sites the world has to offer.  I would, of course, bring my Doodlebug Elyssa along and anyone in my family and friends who would want to join me.  

I would also add the element of ghost hunting and or research of the paranormal as it is such a passion of mine.  I find it fascinating and if I could capture ghosts on film, it would be as thrilling, if not more thrilling as capturing the most beautiful scene or moment in time.  

I don't think I would travel all the time though as being around my family and friends is most important to me so in many ways, I am living my dream now.

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