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Holding On

I honestly don't know where my time goes.  I have good intentions of writing here on a regular basis and I really need to because I need something in my life to help keep me sane!  Writing here used to be a big part of how I kept sane, even during good times.  Not that all is bad now, it's just not as good as it used to be and it's mostly health related.  I try not to focus on my health, or lack of it, because it takes up so much of my life that I hate talking about it more than I have to.  But then again, because of my poor health, it keeps me from doing all I want to, therefore, sometimes I don't have anything else to write about. 

This is my space to write what I want, however, it's not a place that I want to be about my poor health.  At least not all because, let's face it, my poor health takes up most of my life.  It really is up to me to focus on the positive and I decide what I write about.  I have so much to be grateful for though, there are people so much more worse off than I am.  I certainly don't want pity or people to feel sorry for me and part of me is afraid that is what might happen.  But on the flip side, there isn't anything wrong with true friends being concerned.

I've bored you enough with all of that.  OK, decision made.  I shall try to think of one thing interesting out of my day that has nothing to do with my health to talk about.  I may not write it here all the time, but even if I start thinking in those terms, perhaps my whole attitude will shift. 

Seriously, done rambling on about that.  Now I'm ramble on about other things.

Christmas and New Year's were really nice.  Elyssa had a great Christmas and so did the rest of my family.  The best gift was being able to spend time with my family and I only wish that I could have seen everyone in my family.  However, they were in my thoughts and hopefully I was in theirs because I love them all so much.  My nieces and nephews and their families are so awesome and I wish I were more involved in their lives.  My health is a lot of the reason why I'm unable to be, and I rely on Facebook and Path to keep somewhat in touch. 

Elyssa keeps me smiling and her unconditional love amazes me.  She gets upset with me sometimes, which comes from frustration for me not understanding what she's trying to tell me, but it's always short lived. 

I can definitely take a lesson from her and her ability to forgive and not be judgmental.  I wish more people in this world could see what an incredible example she is. 

Now moving on again... I'm sorry, I seem to be all over the place today, so many thoughts running through my mind. 

I was looking through some of my poems I wrote in the past, not sure really what I was looking for.  I saw one entitled, Hold On, and opened the file.  As I read it, I knew exactly why I was prompted to open it because it was exactly what I needed to hear today.  So, I will close this post with the poem and I hope you enjoy it.  Until next time... take care and remember to tell those in your life how much you love them.

Hold On

Hold on to the precious gifts,
Sent from Him above.
Hold on to those you love,
Who lifts your spirits.
Hold on to the friends,
Who you hold dear in your heart.
Hold on to the laughter,
And let go of the tears.
Hold on to their heart,
And keep it close to yours,
Hold on gently, not too tight,
As yours, their heart needs to soar.
Hold on to the bonds you share,
For they are all too rare.
Hold on to the understanding,
And strive to forgive.
Hold on to the good times,
And let go of the bad.
Let go of the regrets,
Set them free and don’t look back.
Hold on to a bright future,
Focus on letting go of the past.
Hold His hand in yours and
Hold on for dear life.

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