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Catching Up Again

It seems as if I'm always playing catch up!  I've never felt so behind in my life.  I hate to say this is how my life will be from this point forward but I don't like saying that because that would mean I'm giving up and admitting defeat by my lack of health.  HA.  Not by a long shot.  I have to admit there are days when my hiney is beat by the Pulmonary Hypertension and RA, etc.,  and that is a part of life but not every day will be like that because I won't allow it.  I just have to learn my paces but still find a way to keep moving forward.  Hmm.  That still sounds like I'm giving up but really I'm NOT.  Just accepting certain things.  I'm going to have bad days but I refuse to let there be more bad than good.  So there.  Take that.

Now back to catching up.  Besides my health and lack of it, we've still stayed busy with keeping Elyssa entertained for the summer.  My sister in law, Joan is an absolute Godsend as well as my Mom and my sister Susie.  Susie gives up an afternoon of her only day off to take Elyssa to a movie or to do something fun.  During school, she takes Elyssa to her dance lesson and that helps so much.  It's a 30 minute drive one way so I know how much of a deal it is.  Joan took Elyssa to her swimming lessons and then on play dates during the week too.  She gave up two months of her summer to do that for Elyssa and we can't thank her enough.  Now Joan is in Indiana, enjoying her new grand daughter for a few weeks so I'm glad she is having some fun!  My brother Bob stayed home due to work but he'll fly out to be with Joan then they'll fly home together.  They are such a loving couple and it's hard to believe they've been married two years now.  Bob lost his first wife in 1999 to complications of cancer and a brain tumor so it's awesome that he and Joan found one another... actually, my Aunt Jan was the matchmaker there!  LOL  They both have kids who are grown with their own families and they've all blended really well. 

I'm also so grateful to my brother J Dee and his wife Patti who are also doing things for us all the time.  They both work hard and they keep busy with their kids and grandkids but always find time for us.  The other night, Elyssa asked where they were and practically demanded they come over.  It was so funny... good thing it was a Sunday evening so they were able to stop over.  All was right with the world after that. 

Elyssa is really funny that way.  She will think of someone she hasn't seen in a few days and it's all she can do to not get in the car and drive herself to see that person.  I think most of it is she senses people need a smile or that my Mom needs to see her kids. Elyssa is just so special on so many levels and I don't mean to talk about her all the time... she has become a major part of my life ... but it's more than that. 

Now onto other things.  A friend of mine sent me THIS VIDEO link of a skit that some senior citizens did about synchronized swimming.  It is SUCH a hoot!  I haven't giggled this much in a while.  Enjoy it, it is well worth the watch.

Now that I've rambled on... I need to run and get in the shower.  Well, run?  No but go, yes.  LOL  Mom and I are taking Elyssa to pick out some new glasses for school.  We have done pretty good in getting things ready for her to get back in school in a couple of weeks (hooray!!).  Believe me, she is more excited about getting back to school as we are!  LOL 


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