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@#$% Hackers!

First of all, if you received some SPAM from my email account, I apologize.  Friends immediately informed me that my email was hacked and I immediately changed my passwords, including my blog PW in case it's connected to the link here.  Bastards.  Why don't they use their "skills" for good?  Invent something useful instead of doing stupid shit like mess with people's private email addresses and bothering innocent people.  Dorks.

OK, done venting.

Wait... I do have one other thing that needs to be vented.  Back in late January, my mom and I picked out a headstone for my dad's grave (and will be for Mom's too) and we paid for it all then.  The guy (Wallis) said it wouldn't be done by Memorial Day but shortly after, into June.  We were a bit disappointed because we were hoping it could be done by his birthday in April but we understood others were ahead of us.

June went by... no headstone... then perhaps July 4?  Nope.  Oh, maybe August 1?  Nope.  OK, getting really upset with him now, kept getting put off but we really gave him a firm-better-have-it-done-date of August 23, which was my parents' 55th Wedding Anniversary. 

I spoke with Wallis every day for the week prior, hoping it would be done each day.  More delays, him having problems with employees/old employees/business issues/other-who-knows-issues but we kept the faith that it would be done by the 23rd. 

I spoke with Wallis on the 20th and he said he would get the base of the headstone in cement and then all he would have to do is install that portion in the cemetery on the 22nd and then the headstone on the 23rd.  OK.

Spoke to him every day still, finding out if we were still on schedule for the 23rd.  He told me on the 22nd that it would be later in the day but he would have the headstone installed.  Mom and we kids had a plan to meet at the cemetery at 5:30 on the 23rd to see the headstone then would meet at the house at 6pm for cake and ice cream.

5:30 came, no base even.  6:00, had just gotten home and he calls me.  I'm fuming and he knew I was MAD.  I told him he ruined the day for my family.  Flat out.  He knew he screwed up but then asked for my help.  He had the base in his truck ready to go but didn't know where the plot was so I met him about an hour later to show him where it was so he could begin work.

I had time to calm down but I was still so upset and emotional because I knew how much it means to Mom to get the headstone in so there's more than just planters and other decorations to mark his resting place.  Wallis and I had a good chat but he understood just how much he let us all down and he did feel awful. 

I understand how difficult it is for the small businesses these days and that's one reason why we've been so patient and forgiving. 

Wallis promised me he'd install the headstone Friday morning but I knew he didn't because he didn't call me to tell me it was done.  Mom and I drove up to the cemetery anyway just to see the base and that was actually done.  He called me Friday evening and he promised again, in the morning... which was this morning.  I never got a call so I don't think it's done even now... and it's coming on about the time in the evening when he calls to tell me yet another excuse.  If he does call, I honestly cannot take talking to him again... so I'm letting it go to voice mail and hoping it's good news but I kinda doubt it... that is if he bothers calling at all. 

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