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Fun with Pulmonology

I had an appointment with my pulmonologist the other day and it seems some of the medications have started to have some positive affects on keeping the Pulmonary Hypertension (PH) and Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (PAH).  I was getting a bit of old data though, however, between last October and this past May, the pressures in my lungs have gone down a little (which really makes me happy)!  It's not leaps and bounds but I'll take any positive news.  However, it's almost time for my next Echo-Cardiogram so we'll see if the pressures have held their level or improved a little more. 

The physician's assistant (PA) was new to me and I have to say, I was really impressed with how thorough she is.  She is concerned about my breathing though so I have to have some more breathing tests which aren't fun because I come close to passing out several times during the visit. 

It's really scary having PH and PAH along with all my other diseases.  Take Rheumatoid Arthritis.  So many people think it's just painful and degenerative joints but it's much more serious.  It gets into organs and causes all sorts of problems, such as the PAH and PH.  RA got into my lungs and voila... I also have a very nasty heart murmur because of the pressures so it's a good thing I was diagnosed when I was or I wouldn't be here today.

I am so grateful for living in this day and age where there is so many medical advances to treat these diseases and hopefully prolong life... and hopefully it will be a life that is worth living.  I fight every damn day to stay positive and to find things to make my life more enjoyable.  I try to focus on what I CAN do and not what I can't because honestly, the can'ts outnumber the can's. 

My family and friends are so important to me and it breaks my heart when I can't go to family gatherings.  I feel like an invalid at times and I hate the helpless and aliented feelings.  However the wonderful internet keeps most of those feelings at bay.  I also have a wonderful mother and awesome siblings - and their spouses - and last but not least, Elyssa, who keep a smile on my face and remind me that I am far from alone.  

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