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Sleep Lab or Electric Chair Preparation

Saturday night I went to my third sleep study lab since they are trying to sort out a solution for me to keep my oxygen saturations at night from dipping way too low. As I sit in the chair and as they are hooking me up to the computer, I told them I wasn't sure if they were monitoring me as I'm sleeping or setting me up to the electric chair!  There is so much goo they put in my hair to hold all the monitors and it is not fun getting it out even by shampooing. 

The tech guys were really cool and nice, telling me things about the ASV machine and what to expect during the night.  I actually crashed big time... Elyssa must have wore me out more than that thought. 

As a background, the first test was to see if I really had a sleep problem.  Findings were: Yes, indeed!  The second test was to address said problem(s) and see if CPAP or BYPAP were the answers.  And finally, the third test to try and come up with a better solution because he CPAP and BYPAP didn't work. 

The techs actually started me on BYPAP last night to see if it was some misreadings... good try... but um... no.  The tried a fairly new system on me called the ASV.  As of what the tech said this morning, we had success!!  Of course, I have to wait until my doc reads it over and and give me the official go ahead to get me one of these machines, which probably cost an arm and a leg - or at least a leg!

Posted on Wednesday, June 20, 2012 at 5:00AM by Registered CommenterKaren | Comments1 Comment

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Looks like a positive step in the right direction! America definitely needs some form of NHS!

June 24, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterNikki-ann

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