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Where Did It Go?

I cannot believe it's been over a month since I blogged... I swear, I don't know where time goes.  Now we're even half way through October!  Yikes... before I know it, the Holidays will be here.  *sigh*  I always enjoy the holidays but I stress over things I know better than stressing over.  It's easier to say "I'm not going to get worked up this year," but I always seem to worry if I've got the right things for Elyssa, if she'll like them, if they'll be good for her development, etc.  I'm sounding like a mother, aren't I?  Well, no doubt about it, that's what I am since I took her in after Kathy passed away.  Don't misunderstand me, I love it and I love her with all my heart and there's nothing more I'd rather do for my sister than to raise her daughter.

It's been a crazy month despite E being back in school.  Between doctor appointments (hers, mine, and Mom's) and other things, time just goes too quickly.  Then this past week, Elyssa brought home yet another cold and she's been sick for over a week and was home for three days last week.  Now this week is a short week due to school holidays and parent/teacher conferences.  I'm tired just thinking about trying to keep her entertained.  I caugth her cold too but fortunately, I didn't get it as bad as she did, thank goodness!  Especially because it's always very scary for me to get sick like that.  Whew.  *knocks on wood*

Elyssa has discovered she likes my drawings.  I think they're hideous, however, I don't suck at drawing as bad as I used to.  I don't know if my hand is finally listening to my brain or what's going on.  Honestly, as I was growing, I seriously doubt that my hand and my brain were on speaking terms as far as the artistic talent went.  But now, at least they're on speaking terms and some drawings aren't half bad... or at least she can determine what the drawings are. 

Actually, since photography became a passion, I have had other artistic talents awaken, such as writing.  I really enjoy writing and need to do more of it.  Especially since I can't always get outside to take photos, at least I can write my feelings down... even if it's not in an artistic form, I could at least blog and get some of my feelings out.  I get very frustrated and depressed at times because I can't get out and take photos like I used to.  I miss my drives where I'd take a day and go off by myself and drive around in the mountains and take photos.  The mountains are so incredible here, that it's a waste not to do something.  But there are days when I cannot even get out of the house because I feel so rotten. 

I'm working on a couple of things that will hopefully help me feel better but I'm not going to jinx anything right now by giving it all away.  I want to see if it will work first.  I'll give you a little hint though, I'm going to do a detox to get all the ickiness out of my body then am going to have my feet worked on, called Foot Zoning.  I'm quite excited about it but that's all I'm saying at this point.  I'm not asking for a cure, since there's not one, but if I could feel better and have a better quality of life, I would be completely ecstatic.  More to follow...

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I'm back to blogging too but at times I forget to post!

November 23, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterPam

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