100 + Things About Me

1. My name is Karen Jean; named after two of my aunts
2. Was born on Groundhog’s Day
3. I’m the youngest of five; 2 brothers and 2 sisters
4. Have no children, but one cat named Ashley
5. Love being an auntie. I have 8 nephews, 7 nieces (ranging from ages 27 yrs down to 5 yrs, 4 great-nephews, and 4 great-nieces
6. Have blondish hair
7. I’m 5’8” tall
8. Have blue eyes
9. Wear contacts and glasses
10. Have Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, and other auto-immune diseases and trying to kick their butt instead of letting them kick mine.
11. Live in my parent’s basement – wish I could afford a place of my own. Living there is essential lately due to my dad's failing health.
12. Never been truly, fully in love
13. Finally ready to be in love and not willing to settle just to be with someone
14. Had some really bad years as a child and have spent the majority of my life getting past it all
15. Have a small tattoo of a falling heart, and a new tattoo of a Triquetra (Holy Trinity) symbol on my lower back.
16. Have 5 pierced holes in each ear – no other piercings ;-)
17. Have a soft heart and tender feelings
18. Work on Hill AFB in Utah as a government contractor
19. Spiffy job title Project Administrator
20. Like working on computers
21. Love the Internet, e-mail, Yahoo Messenger, and Blogs
22. Just turning/turned 40 yet I feel like my life is just beginning
23. Used to weigh well over 300 lbs
24. Work out 4 – 5 times a week as my health allows
25. Love to play practical jokes
26. Love movies – comedies, adventures, suspense, romantic comedies, some minor sci fi (if not too far fetched)
27. Love to read historical romance novels – with explicit sex ;-)
28. Hopeful romantic
29. I love the mountains, they give me a sense of peace
30. Have freckles
31. Love to laugh and giggle a lot
32. Love to make others laugh and feel good
33. Drive a Chevy Impala
34. I've fallen in love with photography and have won awards in local competitions.
35. Have watched Days of Our Lives since the 1985. I DVR it daily.
36. My favorite TV shows are Monk, 2 1/2 Men, Men in Trees, Medium, House, Bones, Ghost Whisperer, Psych, The Closer, Saving Grace, Pushing Daisies, Private Practice, Lost, Supernatural, In Plain Sight, and Life.
37. Favorite older shows are M*A*S*H, Leave it to Beaver, Flying Nun, Brady Bunch, Mr. Ed, Cheers, Seinfeld, Family Affair, That Girl, Green Acres, and Night Court.
38. I’m addicted to TV Land.
39. Been to England – woohoo! I hope to go again.
40. Lived in Utah all my life, all in towns within a 60-mile radius.
41. Listen to hard rock, metal, and alternative music.
42. Listened to country for about 3 years, and went back to rock.
43. Love the colors purple, teal, jade, wine, pink, navy and forest green.
44. Can’t wear anything red, yellow or orange, but can wear pink and peach.
45. Love to wear black, jade, blue, pink, purple, lavender, and wine colored clothes.
46. Don’t like yard work, but don’t mind mowing the lawn and growing floweres.
47. Hate spiders, bees, wasps, hornets, or insects and rodents of any kind.
48. Hate snakes – not “bed snakes” though… gotta get me one of those ;-)
49. Enjoy being around people, but also need my solitude
50. Crochet doilies and afghans
51. Worked at a fabric store as a sales clerk then worked up to assistant manager
52. Used to work in a dental office as a receptionist
53. Have a bit of a temper at times
54. Have a hard time dealing with last minute changes but am working to change that.
55. Don’t like people rummaging through my things, I’m a very private person
56. Have obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), better now than it used to be
57. Don’t use pens without lids on the ends
58. Don’t like to step on cracks in the sidewalk or pavement
59. Have anxiety attacks on occasion
60. Like to make, do, or buy things for the people I care about
61. Need to do more kind things for strangers
62. Have several really close friends, I’m really lucky
63. Strive to be a great friend and confidant
64. Shy but not as bad as I used to be
65. I cuss a lot while driving (trying to cut down)
66. Live about 30 minutes (if traffic is good) from work
67. Wear Obsession and loooove the shower gel and lotion as well. Makes me feel oh, so sexy
68. Love to take baths/showers. I usually take 2 a day even when I don’t need to. Like that “just showered” feeling when I climb into bed and then after I get up
69. Love Bath & Body Works Midnight Pomegranate, PearBerry, Gardenia, Sun Ripened Raspberry, Brown Sugar & Fig, and Warm Vanilla Sugar are my favorites.
70. Love Puffs Plus tissues because they’re nice to my nose
71. Collect Pig and cat figurines
72. BIG Winnie the Pooh and gang fan
73. Most my watches are Winnie the Pooh and Tigger watches
74. In my bare feet at every opportunity, wear comfy socks in the winter to keep tosies warm
75. Only wear gold jewelry, silver looks awful on me
76. Silly and hope I never lose that side of me
77. Love to tease and be teased
78. I strive to be thoughtful
79. Good memory for birthdays and dates
80. Dedicated
81. A dreamer
82. Clean fanatic
83. Blush easily
84. Sweet voice - or so I'm told, I would be great at phone sex ;-)
85. Organized
86. Health conscious
87. Have very long, tailored fingers
88. Bubble butt
89. Smile easily
90. Love to relax
91. Like to cuddle
92. Drive fast – BUT not if there’s too much traffic or if weather is bad
93. Can be impatient at times
94. Can be cranky for no good reason
95. Hate being cranky for no good reason
96. Can drive myself nuts when my mind won’t shut up when I’m trying to sleep
97. Worrier
98. Love candles
99. Believe in fate and destiny
100. I snort when I get laughing really hard
Note: all previous 100 things can change without notice!

101. In October 2007, I earned my Bachelor's in Management/Accounting; I graduated with High Honors, Magna Cum Laude, from Park University, Hill AFB, UT extension.
(updated August 2008)